Riot Squad Short Fill E-liquid - Iron Bruise

Riot Squad Short Fill E-liquid - Iron Bruise

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Iron Bruise short fill e-liquid by Riot Squad is Scotland’s iconic drink with a Riot Squad makeover! This flavour is ideal to vape all day.

Riot Squad short fill e-liquid offers up their original range of bold and uncompromising flavours in larger bottles, giving vapers more of what they love. Manufactured in the UK since 2016, Riot Squad continually strive to provide only the highest quality flavours to vapers, standing by their motto to stand up, be counted and never back down.

Riot Squad short fill contains a higher VG concentration, which allows for large clouds of vapour to be produced. This makes the liquid particularly ideal for use with sub-ohm devices to deliver maximum flavour and vapour production.

Riot Squad short fill is supplied in 50ml, with an additional 10ml space within the bottle to add a nic shot of your choosing.

Flavour Profile - Citrus
PG / VG Ratio - 30 / 70
Nicotine Strengths - 0.0%
Made in the UK